Digital Dine & Donate 2020

Host a Digital Dine and Donate this year and give hope to hundreds of seriously ill and disabled children around the UK.

In recent years the Disabled Children’s Partnership identified a staggering £1.5bn funding gap for services needed by disabled children. With the number of children registered as disabled in the U.K. rising by 33% over the last decade to over 1 million, the need for the Tree of Hope is more critical than ever.

Tree of Hope has been empowering families for over 25 years to obtain the specialist treatment, therapy or equipment their disabled or seriously ill child so desperately needs, and that would otherwise be unavailable them.

So, join Tree of Hope for in 2020. Whilst things are certainly far from normal at the moment, we’re seeing the opportunity in connecting as many people as possible despite COVID-19 causing so much social restrictions. So gather your loved ones through the wonders of technology and hold an alternative foodie event this spring and summer and together we will make a difference to the families of disabled children all over the UK.

So, it’s thyme to get crackling, register now to organise your digital dinner party and how to get involved on social media and help connect people and support childrens charity Tree of Hope, in these tricky times.

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